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"Crap, why did she have to put that out for me to wear," he mumbled then shouted, "Mom! Again, the cut was such that it was tight in the crotch and butt but flared at the legs.

A pink pull over shirt with rounded collar and short capped sleeves was next.

He was in his mid-fifties, six foot two inches tall with salt and pepper hair and lanky. Daniel always thought that Rodger had a stick stuck up his ass and liked to call him 'Lurch.' "Just where have you been?

You're an hour late," his Mother demanded as soon as he walked in the door. It's all your fault that I won't be seeing them," he responded sullenly. I laid out your clothing for the trip and be quick about it. Daniel quickly slipped out of his school uniform and picked up the crème colored shorts.

He did most of the cooking, acting as chauffeur and general handy man.

He was stiffly formal when around Margaret and others.

He received other weird gifts that no self respecting teenage boy should ever be seen with.

On her last visit, she brought him violet colored cotton sheets with a matching satin comforter and pillow covers with white lace accents. * Rodger was more like a shadow in Margaret's world keeping to the sidelines.

He ran the household, supervising the cleaning and gardening staff when they showed up.

You have kept Rodger waiting long enough," she ordered. Now, hurry up, or I'll send Rodger up to help," she yelled back. The front had a short zipper, fastened with a big pearl button and was pleated with turned up cuffs.

When he got to his room, Daniel tossed his book bag into the corner then groaned as he saw the clothing on his bed. There were two slanted pockets in the front but were too shallow to put anything into.

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