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Screaming down with breathtaking velocity and blinding lights to abduct the helpless one by one, these monsters challenge everything the residents have ever known.

Every joke has a life and it'll dictate it's life to you.

He made his film debut in 1992 in The Power of One, but Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) was his big break role.

After this, the bigger parts started coming in, including Road to Perdition (2002) Layer Cake (2004) and Munich (2005).

After much speculation, he has finally confirmed that he will reprise his role one last time in the forthcoming 25th film in the franchise - despite his previous much-quoted statement, since recanted, that he’d rather “slash his own wrists” than step back into the role.

But would the Bond films be better off without him?

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