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That’s because it took until 1880 for the first photograph to be published in a newspaper.

Prior to that time, you’ll have to rely on newspaper illustrations and other aids to date those troublesome shoeboxes of unidentified, undated family photos.

These 1834 advertisements from the include simple illustrations: one of a buffalo, and the other of top hats.

From these old newspaper ads, one gets the impression that our ancestors paraded around in attire made from animal products such as skins from buffalo, lynx, muskrat, seals and even swans.

" Suits are okay, apparently, if you're also really hot. But not if what you got is a photo of you taking a Jello shot out of your ex's cleavage.

If you're a single lady on Tinder, you know how fun it is to spend hours swiping left and right (but mostly left) with your friends, laughing about all of the douchebags with airbrushed abs and several different shades of fedoras. recently released a video where women browsed Tinder and made snap judgments (because let's be real, Tinder is an app solely for snap judgments) on the profiles they came across, pointing out all of the things that prompted a hard left swipe.

If you're a single guy on Tinder, you probably had no idea women did this. In the video five pairs of women swiped 634 times, and 564 of those swipes were left. If you want to be in the sweet 11 percent that gets a right swipe, then here are a few things you can do to improve your chances. Like one woman in the video so eloquently puts it, "I can't do all that for dick." Amen.

Examples of Old Advertising Cards Before I finish this article about dating family photos using period fashion clues, I’d like to mention that there is a most exciting option within Genealogy Bank to examine clothing illustrations: advertising cards.

By exploring the Historical Book Collection you’ll find examples of advertising cards dating back to the 1700s. You might think waterproofing apparel items was a new invention, but out of curiosity I searched the historical newspaper archives and found reports of waterproof hats as early as 1765.

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