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Although she’d been suffering from dizzy spells and morning sickness, she didn’t tell Natalie and the band until the final week of Floetry's tour.“We just embraced and I said, ‘Look, time to graduate man,’” she remembers telling The Floacist.Marsha and Natalie, 37, have known each other since they were children, growing up in South London. Now Marsha says it was watching her friend lose herself in an alleged abusive relationship that drove them apart.But in 2006 – after nine years together and a string of hits like – Floetry suddenly split, leaving fans desperate for more. In a 2014 radio interview on The Breakfast Club, Marsha even said she hadn’t spoken to Natalie in seven years. “I felt me protecting what I felt happened and not wanting to disclose these stories was protecting her,” she says.

“Maybe 10 years from now I’ll be listening to [the stuff I’m doing now] with my daughter and say, ‘That was for you.

“Talking about life, love, family, past relationships, what we were looking for in the future, God, everything.

We’ve maybe spent – since then – one day without each other.

Now she is finally experiencing the type of fairytale romance she has spent years singing about.

In an exclusive interview with EBONY.com, just weeks after her electric performance at the first annual L. Soul Music Festival, Marsha is opening up about her love life and, for the first time ever, revealing the real reason Floetry ended.

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