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There Shri and Janhavi come back together but they have yet to solve the misunderstandings baby aatya and all 5 other mothers have about Janhavi.

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The women in house get worried about Shree and decide to do his second marriage leaving Janhavi as they do not know that Janhavi has not done anything and she is pregnant. Janhavi often tries to stop Shree to tell him truth but she can't. After some more incidents, Shri's grandmother and uncle too get to know about her pregnancy and finally it is revealed to Shri at a function at 'Narmada Yoga Centre'.

Pintya gets married to Sunita against his mother's will.

Initially, there is a heavy clash between Kala and Sunita, but Sadashiv resolves it forcibly.

He falls in love with Janhavi, who lives a modest life with her father, brother and step-mother, and works in a bank.

Initially Shri hides it from Janhavi that he belongs to a very rich family.

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