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As the different personalities of Leo and Virgo come in close contact with each other, they experience the ways of complementing each other.

Leo lives for the moment and enjoys the passion and desires of love while Virgo is more practical and has a slow approach towards relationship.

Even though Leo man is known for his erotic and highly passionate lovemaking, she has a way of turning it around with her pure and virginal qualities that shine through, pulling the tenderness and protection out of her Leo man.

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Similarly, his confidence and unshakable optimism sprinkled nicely with love, wraps her in a soft blanket of care that makes each day a beautiful one for her in his arms.A Virgo woman is sensible and her precision, neatness, and striking image she portrays are her highest qualities.She is quick to think on her feet and quite versatile in most instances.He may be arrogant and tough headed but it is easily forgiving when his affection grows above and beyond such arrogance. This coupled with his sentimentality makes him an incredible, passionate and sensual lover who is always ready to shower his lady love with affection and care.But his sense of superiority is comes above all and he demands full devotion in return of his love.

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