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It is strange and one must have kind of courage to wear it, it requires some time to spent with to show all that beauty it has.I don't recommend to sample this one on paper, not even on your wrist, because it's not a kind of fragrance you should sniff right from the beginning and not from very close.

The well-known and much loved composition of floral aldehydes was enriched in 2000s with clear woody and aromatic accords.

There is no better and worse among these two, they are just not the same fragrance.

If vintage and current edt were women and sisters, vintage would be the perfect beauty from tip to toe who is ALWAYS nice, always pretty,always happy, etc. Current edt would be the sister who is not ugly but not always pretty either, she would be sometimes nice and rude on other days, her face a little bit uneven, her mood a little bit unbalanced.

The former sister would be the one who most men would ask for a date but there would be at least one man who would fall passionatley in love with the latter sister.

I'm very happy to have this vintage edt in my wardrobe.

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