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During World War II, after Italians had occupied Sušak as well, the whole area experienced strong Partisan activity.

This included attacks on supply columns, sabotage, and even the killing of civilians believed to be connected to the Italian authority.

Since 1991, after the Croatian War of Independence, Rijeka has been a part of Croatia. Since we had already slept in Rijeka one night, but hadn’t been able to see the city, we were very curious what the city of our Croatian colleagues would look like.

Unfortunately, the sky was grey and it seemed to be on the verge of rain. In the morning we started with a sightseeing and history tour at the fountain in front of our hostel, .

After our short walk we listened to a number of presentations.

It assigned the administration of Rijeka (in practice the old Corpus separatum) to Italy and granted Yugoslavia part of the harbor; the river delta; and the neighboring town of Sušak, which is situated on the river's right bank.

In September 1919 Rijeka was occupied by a group of Italian nationalists, led by the poet and adventurer Gabriele D'Annunzio, who took control of the city by force and established a state called the Italian Regency of Carnaro.

In November 1920, Italy and Yugoslavia concluded the Treaty of Rapallo, under which Rijeka became an independent state called Free State of Fiume, under a regime acceptable to both parties.

The partisans, both Italians and Croats, greatly intensified their actions after the Italian capitulation, when Rijeka became part of the Adriatic Littoral Zone of the Third Reich.

One of the fiercest and largest battles in this area of Europe occurred in April 1945.

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