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Take a look around and configure the settings to the requirements of your company.Note: You’ll notice that the Google Chrome settings also show up under the Computer Configuration.To make these configuration changes VB scripts are used to configure Firefox during login/logout/startup/shutdown.These scripts should be imported to their correct locations inside the Policy.Don’t forget to Backup your policies before making changes.

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Policies and right click on Administrative Templates. on the dialogue box, and then browse to where you extracted the Firefox ADM files. You will notice that there is not just one ADM file, but two! Classic Administrative Templates and that they’re not the same.id=49030 Double click on the file and extract them to a folder Open the extracted folder and click on the ADMX folder Copy all ADMX files and paste them to Policy Definitions folder (see below) Paste files to the Policy Definitions folder on your domain Controller If you are using a Central Store the location will be In the SYSVOL folder under your domain root.To test and see if it works open GPMC and edit a GPO and open the Administrative Templates folder and you should see Office 2016 there.Before we get started, I’ll lay out a brief comparison chart of some of the more important settings so you can get an idea what each of these administrative templates offer in comparison to Internet Explorer.It’s also important to keep in mind that these templates also support browser specific settings such as Active X for Internet Explorer and Google Cloud Print for Chrome.

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