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Everyone there either worked for an engine or worked for clients trying to perform better in said engines' results. You're officially the second person to tell me that, after my grandmother when I was 6 and skinned my knee but didn't cry."Awkward silence.

(Read: lots of dorky people talking in computer jargon). Google threw an enormous party at their headquarters one night and it was one of the most spectacular displays of neon I've ever seen. I began regretting being so stand-offish, but quickly stopped when he dropped the line."Well, I can get your web site in the number one result on page one of organic Google results for any keyword if you ever want.

The Duchess line also included a juice carafe, a percolator with warming stand, three sizes of glasses, and a sugar/creamer set with holder, all of which are pictured on the box.So the “official” name of this set is actually called…Hot ‘N’ Cold Chip and Dip set, with the model number HC-9.Never take a glass pan from the refrigerator directly into a hot oven, that’s just asking for trouble.If you take good care of your vintage Pyrex, they will work faithfully in your kitchen and serve your family hot and delicious meals for a long time to come. Sorry we haven’t updated in a while, it’s mostly because our Pyrex collecting has slowed down quite a lot over the past year.

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